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Before You Pour Chemicals into Your Drains

Before You Pour Chemicals in Your Drains

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Drain cleaning chemicals are dangerous to use and are extremely corrosive. Whether caustic or acid based, these chemicals can cause severe burns and/or property damage.

10 things you should know before pouring chemicals into your drains.

Drain cleaning chemicals are dangerous.

  • Protect your hands with heavy rubber gloves.
  • Wear eye protection in case the chemicals 'back fire' NOTE: A full face shield offers more protection.
  • Avoid breathing fumes - they can be toxic.
  • DO NOT mix drain cleaning chemicals with other chemicals or household cleaners. This can cause toxic gas or violent chemical reactions.

If the chemical treatment does not clear the stoppage:

  • Do not use a plunger - it could result in an acid leak or splash-back into your face.
  • Do not add more chemical - it will only make the condition more dangerous.
  • Call a professional and make sure they understand that the drain is contaminated in order to protect their health and their equipment.

If you are on a septic system:

  • Drain chemicals may change the pH in your system which could lead to system failure.
  • Use biological treatments as a preventive measure to keep your drains flowing freely.

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