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Yreka: 530-842-7862
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Not all Plumbers are Created Equal

Not all Doctors (or Plumbers) are Created Equal . . .

Would you trust your health to an un-licensed doctor? He may be a friendly person - and smart too. He may even care about you and offer the best treatments he knows in order to help you. But how can you be sure he has the knowledge to give you the treatment that you need? That's why you look for licenses, insurance and credentials.

Plumbing isn't brain surgery but we plumbers certainly protect your health and safety. A licensed, trained, plumbing professional is able to spot problems that an inexperienced handyman may never even know about.

As your plumbing professionals, we can spare you the misery of surprise plumbing failures and other nuisances. After all, there's nothing worse than coming home to a flooded living room.

Like your doctor, we are . . .

  • Licensed
  • Trained
  • Insured

Unlike your doctor. . .

  • We guarantee our work
  • No Stuffy waiting room
  • We still make house calls!

Plus, something else your doctor doesn't offer. . .

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