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Yreka: 530-842-7862
Mt. Shasta: 530-926-0004

Had Your Plumbing Checked Lately?

Have You Had Your Plumbing Checked Lately?

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Plumbing service isn't brain surgery but it certainly affects your health and safety. Just as a doctor is trained to spot potential health problems, we're trained to prevent household plumbing problems before they put your family at risk.

Special Offer #1

If you'll let us keep your toilets flushing and your hot water hot, we promise not to fuss at you about your blood pressure.

Special Offer #2

OK, so special offer #1 was pretty feeble so if you'll just mention you saw this page of our site, you'll save $17.00 off your next plumbing 'prescription' and you won't have to sit forever in a waiting room because we still make house calls.

Good through June 2024

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