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Yreka: 530-842-7862
Mt. Shasta: 530-926-0004

Dripping Money Down the Drain?

Dripping Money Down the Drain?

Did You Know...

  • A slow, steady, faucet drip can waste 48 gallons of water every day?
  • New, more efficient faucets/aerators use 1/3rd less water?
  • Leaks aside, replacing old faucets can save 1 gallon for every minute of use?
  • New, designer faucets are not only more efficient, but far more attractive?

Replacing old faucets is fast, easy, and painless when you call SVM Plumbing, Heating & Air.

Call us to see our new lines. While we’re out, we’ll dye test your toilet for leaks, free.

It’s your choice. Keep paying for water down the drain, or own a beautiful, new, designer faucet.

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