Yreka: 530-842-7862 OR Mt. Shasta: 530-926-0004
Yreka: 530-842-7862
Mt. Shasta: 530-926-0004

You Get What You Pay For

It May Be Shocking...

But the Truth Is, You Do Get What You Pay For!

A bed is a bed.
A steak is a steak.
A store is a store...


Wrong! All hotel rooms are not the same. All steak houses are not the same. All stores are not the same. Neither are all plumbing companies.

There are lots of cheap plumbing companies in the area that provide cheap service and cheap quality. We’re not one of them. While we may not be the most expensive, we certainly aren’t the cheapest in town and make no apologies for our price.

We Offer Great Value, Not Cheap Work…

With us, you receive prompt service from some of the most highly trained and skilled technicians in the area.

  • We arrive fast.
  • We find the problem fast.
  • We repair it fast.
  • We repair it right, the first time.
  • We clean up.
  • And we stand behind our work!

 Let’s face it. No one likes to deal with plumbing problems. It’s a hassle. Isn’t it good to know that you’re dealing with professionals who will end the ordeal and get out of your hair with a minimum of trouble on your part?

In truth, our prices are not that much more than the next guy. While we could cheapen our standards to match the next guy’s prices, would you really want us to? After all, it’s about safety and convenience in your home.


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