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Yreka: 530-842-7862
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Free Flood Protection

Free Flood Protection in Yreka, CA

Did you know that even a small water leak can cause big damage?

  • A failed washing machine hose is the number one source of flooding in a home.
  • Small leaks and drips, especially from drain pipes under sinks, can cause damage an mold growth long before you know they're leaking.
  • An overflowing air conditioning drain can soak your carpets long before you detect the problem.

This is why we include a free water alarm when we perform our 28 point plumbing system check up - part of our home protection service agreement.

Standard installation

We'll install your water alarm next to your washing machine or, if your water heater is over five years old we'll install it there. Each year, when you renew your home protection service agreement we'll test your water alarms and make sure you have fresh batteries for uninterrupted protection.


Your water alarm electronically senses even slight amounts of water. When it detects moisture it alerts you with 110 decibel alarm, much like a smoke alarm, which can sound for up to 72 hours. (Also chirps to indicate a weak battery).

Additional alarm locations

We also offer additional alarms if you wish to have protection in the following areas:

  • Beneath the kitchen sink or lavatory
  • Behind toilet
  • Beside each water heater
  • Next to floor drains
  • Next to your sump pump
  • Anywhere that water damage is likely, especially if it's an out of the way location.

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